Bohemian Chic


I’ve always struggled with establishing one style that fits my life. There are so many different fashion styles, therefore it is hard to choose and commit to just one. My preference and choice of clothing has evolved so much over the years due to my environment, age, mood and interests.
I used to love wearing all black rocker outfits when I was in high school but with age, I gravitated to a more polished and sophisticated appearance. Every now and then, I get lazy and just throw on a pair of leggings along with an oversized shirt or sweater, something easygoing.
However, the one fashion style I have always admired and kept in my closet is a classic and chic design, which is why I named my blog CmeChic.
I do own vintage clothing, handed down to me from my grandmother and mother, that I just adore and cherish as my treasure.
One of my favorite styles to wear in the summer is bohemian. Boho pieces are timeless and there are many creative ways to wear them. Inspired from gypsy and hippie looks, a boho style looks good on just about everyone. It is that carefree spirit and look that I love. The key is to mix and match wild patterns and exotic textures. The messier – the better!
In the end, I realized that you don’t have to stick to one style and just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and gives you confidence.



S/S 2017 Dresses

In one of my posts, back in August, I promised to do a summer dress collection. I was finally able to find time and get right to it.
Summers in Dallas are long. Especially this year, it seems as if summer is endless. It is already November, yet the temperature is still in the high 80’s accompanied by few days of 90’s. I’m excited about breezy days and cool nights, but I’m also thrilled to wear my favorite summer dresses once more before I have to put them away.
The dresses below are my most worn  for summer of 2017. Hope you enjoy it and get new ideas and inspiration from the way I combined both colors and accessories with each look.










S/S 2017 Skirts

A girl can’t have too many skirts.
Skirts are one of my most worn, wardrobe essentials for spring/summer.  I’m glad to live in a warm climate where summer lasts longer than in most places. As much as I like the warm weather, I get excited as I look forward to enjoying the chilly winter. Even though, it only lasts for a short period here. With cool days approaching, I’m taking my winter clothes out and putting away my summer clothes until next year.
I used to put a lot of emphasis on the color combination of skirt to top while trying to match the patterns perfectly. But overtime I realized that unexpected colors can make the best match. For example I never thought teal would go well with red, pink with gray etc …
Here are my favorite collection of skirts for spring/summer. The rest of the collection will be on my next post so stay tuned!



Flawlessly feminine


I love silk! I love the way it looks and feels on my skin, which is why I own a lot of silk skirts, dresses and blouses. Silk is so sexy yet so elegant. Especially alluring is this silk on silk fusion I have chosen for this outfit.
Don’t ever think that it is too much to wear silk combined. With the right shoes and attitude, you can achieve a flawlessly feminine look. The thinner and lacier your silk is, the better.
My simple rules on wearing silk is to, first, avoid too many accessories. A cute stud earrings or a thin cuff bracelet will be sufficient. Second, avoid platform heels. Wear heels of desired height, just make sure they aren’t platform, as it can look bit gaudy. Lastly, carry a small bag/clutch. Since silk is very delicate, anything big and heavy can overwhelm your outfit.



// Outfit Details //

Top – F21
Skirt – Calvin Klein
Sunglasses – Zara
Handbag – CK
Earrings – Vintage
Necklace – Zara
Shoes – Calvin Klein





Effortlessly chic


I have yet another skirt over a dress combo. This eggplant dress was a phenomenal find many many years ago. At that time, it fit me perfectly but I did gain weight since then. Nowadays, the dress is a bit too tight on me, so I wore it as a fitted top.
I liked the balance of the pink skirt and eggplant dress as a top along with an unexpected mix of a mint bag and a yellow belt. This is also my first time combining two belts at the same time, making it look like a single two-tone belt.
This was the perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch with the girls.


// Outfit Details //

Dress – American Apparel
Skirt – F21
Handbag – Kate Spade
Shoes – Dolce Vita
Sunglasses – H&M
Earrings – Kate Spade
Belt – H&M

A pop of color


When it comes to putting together an outfit, the color mix is one of the most vital aspects.
I have recently discovered DesignSeeds, a website that creates color palettes inspired by nature and travel. You can pick any color and view ranges that match your choosing.
This outfit was inspired by a flower palette. The light blush pink top- the petals, the taupe pleated skirt – the center, and the forest green suede heels – the stem.


// Outfit Details //

Skirt – Caelian
Top – Lauren Conrad
Shoes – Audrey Brooke
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
Watch – La Mer


Business chic


As I mentioned in my previous posts, my mother is my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to style. She truly is a woman with great taste in all things including fashion.
When I was a little girl, I remember paying attention to my mom as she would get dressed for work every morning. She mostly wore business attire due to the nature of her work but her wardrobe had plenty of vintage and timeless pieces. She always wore each item with great pride and sophistication.
This particular dress, which I found in a vintage store, instantly reminded me of her. With every classic and unique piece of clothing, you can truly see and appreciate both quality and design.


// Outfit Details //

Dress – Ann Taylor
Handbag – The Limited
Sunglasses – Coach
Watch – Michael Kors
Earrings – Vintage

Last days of summer


First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for the last few weeks. I have been super busy and keeping up with the blog became a bit exhausting. But I’m back now and I promise to keep you updated with new and exciting posts every week.


// Outfit Details //

Dress – Amanda Uprichard
Bag – Londonfog
Shoes – Michael Kors
Sunglasses – Zara

Take me out tonight

Whether it’s a date night with your sweetheart or a girls night out with your besties, it is exciting and you always want to know that you look dazzling. I pieced together a couple of outfits that I think are appropriate for those nights out.

My tip for putting together any outfit is not to be afraid to experiment with accessories. Sometimes odd and unconventional combinations end up looking well put together.

For a date night out, enchant your sweetheart with a dress, show some skin but not too much. Leave room for imagination. I prefer the classic style with a hint of sophistication. A romantic candlelit dinner calls for a seductive look, which can easily be created with LBD.

We sometimes need to take a break from boys and do the date night right with our girlfriends. For a ladies night out I would opt for a cute, casual look and a comfy feel. Depending on the venue and your plans for the evening, outfit can range from casual to glamorous or anything in between.

I want to shine a light on a style expression that has no borders and I hope it makes your day brighter.