First Monday of 2017: First post on the blog

Welcome to my personal style and fashion space – Cmechic (as in see me chic). My name is Gerelle and I am from Mongolia by way of Dallas, TX.

When I think of fashion, I am most inspired by my mother’s timeless sense of style. As a woman immersed in vastly different cultural experiences, her look evolved into something so classy, so elegant and so chic. Most of the clothing I’ll be wearing are pieces that were handed down from my mom, with some items passed to her from my grandmother.

I want to shine a light on a style expression that has no borders and I hope it makes your day brighter. Fashion is another form of communication between people and I don’t believe that individuals should be limited with style choices because of their cost. Besides focusing on outfits that gracefully traveled through time, from my mother to me, I will be showcasing thrift and other affordable clothing.