Cali life


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I recently watched a video on youtube about this girl from Texas who moved to California. The documentary is about her journey which gave way to her new life in California. She said that she always wanted to live by the beach so she packed her things in her car, drove all by herself planning to arrive at the beach by sunrise. She talked about the first impression of the scene she came upon at her destination. She first noticed all the palm trees. Then people out walking their dogs, running, bicycling, skating, families out with their children on scooters. She felt instantly happy seeing the ocean. And that’s exactly the same impression I had upon coming here. I noticed that people seem to be happier being close to the beach. This vibe is contagious too, it makes me feel happy and just enjoy my day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas. Texas is my second home. It is a place I came to leaving my family back home, it is a place where I have spent my adolescence, accrued knowledge and education, where I met some of the best people I know today. Events that led to one of my best memories took place in Texas. But coming from a Mongolian background, the Texas heat was just not tolerable. I wanted to live in a cooler climate, wanted to be surrounded by hills, mountains, lakes and nature which is why I prioritized my move here. I can say that I am definitely in my element here. I love the nature, the outdoors and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Just the simple and crisp morning air that I breathe in while taking a shower makes me content. And the stroll I take with my son every evening and seeing him grow up in this environment definitely makes me happy about my choice to move here.





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