8 must see places in Mexico City: 3. La Casa Azul



Wearing the dress my mom used to wear back in the day







In my previous post, I mentioned that I stayed in Coyoacan, which was home to the famous Frida Kahlo. La Casa Azul is the name of the exact home where Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera lived and it is open to the public as a museum. The museum was really close to our Airbnb and the Frida Kahlo Park was even closer so I paid a visit to both. La Casa Azul was just as colorful and full of life as I imagined it to be. 

Frida Kahlo’s work and life are significant to Mexico, as well as many people around the world, which is why La Casa Azul came in as a 3rd must-see place in Mexico City. This house does an excellent job of presenting both her personality and her art. You learn about her experiences and see a wonderful range of her paintings, all within the setting in which she existed. 

I’m very happy to get the chance to see this wonderful museum, as well as the temporary exhibition of Frida’s dresses titled “Appearances Can Be Deceiving”. The temporary exhibition showcased a number of her dresses that had been locked away for 50 years. Seeing all the clothing that appears in Frida’s portraits is without a doubt the highlight of my visit to La Casa Azul.


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