Salmon & Baked Potatoes

I wasn’t really into cooking and certainly wasn’t much of a cook. But being a broke college student, I couldn’t eat out all the time and had to prepare something here and there. Now that I’m a mother I try to give my baby what is best for him. One of which is a wholesome home-cooked meal. I very much enjoy cooking for my little one. The more I experiment with new dishes and ingredients, the better I become at cooking. The better I get, the more I enjoy the process of preparing different meals. Also, now that my little one is almost a year old he can eat a wider variety of food which makes cooking more fun for me.

For his first few months, it was strictly breastfeeding. At 4 months I started giving him rice cereal, then oatmeal and then at 6 months he was able to eat solid food. He still nurses but mostly for comfort. He gets his main nutrition from the food I prepare for him.

I plan to add a food section on the blog where I will include new content every week. There, you will find what I prepare for my baby’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as healthy snack options for little ones.

This first dish is something that I prepare very often. You can say that I became an expert in cooking salmon with baked potatoes. Fish is super healthy for you and your baby. It’s one of the best sources of protein your baby needs in order to have a healthy brain function. The omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon are also good for their nerve and eye development.

I fry the salmon but I make sure to give him the inside instead of the fried parts on the outside. I also check for any bones before feeding him.  For a well-balanced diet, your baby will need vegetables and healthy carbs to accompany protein. As for the side dish, I made some oven baked potatoes and zucchini with grape tomatoes, as all these vegetables have health benefits. Oh, and I learned that most nutrients that zucchini contains are in the skin, so do not peel it. I didn’t give my baby tomatoes until now since the acidity of tomatoes can be harsh on their little tummies.

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