Farmers Market



One of the things that I like to do on the weekends is to go out and explore the neighborhood with my baby. He is very adventurous so he stays happy as long as we are out and about! 

I love the area that I live in because there are so many things to do and lots of places to discover. Not long after I moved here, I learned about a farmers market that I can walk to from my house. So I am there every Sunday. 

A while back, I received an aloe plant from my very dear friends and coworkers as a going away gift but it didn’t do very well on my road trip here. For this farmers market visit, I was on the hunt for the perfect aloe plant. I did find the one, that closely resembled my gift, and I got super excited as you can see by the look on my face. Now my goal is to nurture and grow this one to become big, healthy and strong as the previous one was.

I will do a full photoshoot of the market during my next visit so be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss it!

Oh, and does anyone else buy a fresh baguette and totally eat a chunk before getting home? Me neither!


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