Liberty Station





The weather in San Diego is always lovely. It is an outdoor playground with many sunny days and temperatures of 75F year-round. However, in recent couple of weeks it has been getting a bit chilly. When the beach is not on our agenda, Liberty Public Market is the place to go.

Liberty station is a naval base that turned into a neighborhood full of cute little boutiques, galleries, local shops, restaurants and event venues. As I mentioned in my prior posts I try to support local businesses, which is why I love visiting the Liberty Public Market. You are sure to find some of the best vendors San Diego has to offer here. It is also one of many kid-friendly places to go to with a park and an open garden nearby. The engaging atmosphere and entertainment in Liberty Public Market is a great way for you to experience the true spirit of San Diego.

Since it was a bit rainy and windy on the day that I came here, I stayed indoors and enjoyed some Nutellacchiato (yes, like macchiato, but with Nutella, who wouldn’t love that?) and a pastry from a nice French bakery called Le Parfait Paris. For warmer days, there is a patio outside of the food court where they play live music on Sundays. There is also a green area with lawn for the children to roam around.




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