Little Little Italy



At first, when I visited Little Italy, I didn’t get to spend much time and experience this place to the fullest. And so I’m happy to be back and, this time, bring my little one with me. Little Italy is a chic and scenic neighborhood located in downtown San Diego.

I started out my Saturday by having a cup of coffee at a cute little coffee shop called Parakeet Cafe! Although it is little, Little Italy has so many neat places to offer, such as shops, restaurants and art galleries. I strolled down this warm and lovely afternoon trying to find a place with a great pizza. After all, what kind of trip would it be if I couldn’t eat pizza in a place famous for pizza! I stumbled across Napizza, a restaurant with a great patio and view. Their pizza was so delicious that even my little one was trying to take a bite from it.

After lunch, I was in the mood for some gelato. Not far from the pizzeria, I saw a huge line outside of an ice cream shop called Salt & Straw. With this much traffic, I knew that I had to give it a try.

One of the things that my little one gets amused by is a fountain. When he was a little baby, the sound of a fountain used to calm him down and put him to sleep, but now he likes to look at it and play with the water. I decided to relax and enjoy the sunset by the famous Piazza Basilone, before heading out to the gallery exhibition at the Meyer Fine Art.

San Diego’s Little Italy is home to numerous events, festivals as well as their own famous farmers market. Speaking of farmers markets, I was thrilled to discover one last weekend, located a short walking distance from where I live. I left with a full stomach and a couple of things for the home, which I will share with all of you in one of my upcoming posts.

Oh, and every time I hear Little Italy it reminds me of an episode from a comedy show called Jon Benjamin Has a Van. The premise of the sketch was centered around a place called Little Little Italy. The episode is not related to Little Italy of San Diego in any way, but that’s what I recall each time I hear Little Italy.





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