A very special gift: L’Amy America



I would like to start by thanking L’Amyamerica for their generous gift. Since I collect sunglasses, it is one of the main accessories I use to complete an outfit and emphasize a certain look. Although a pair of shades serves as a fashion statement, the more important functions are to minimize sun exposure, protect your eyes from damaging rays and guard you from premature wrinkles. I like to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days since harmful UV rays exist despite the hazy sky. I usually keep one pair in the car and another one in my purse so I can be covered at all times. Besides, you can totally get away with those no makeup days if you have a good pair of dark shades on your side.
Because I am a fan of L’Amyamerica sunglasses, I was super excited when they got a hold of me. Receiving all these beautiful sunnies they sent, made my day!
I love all the styles I picked and I highly recommend them if you are in search for a trendy yet chic pair of sunnies.
Lastly, I would like to point out that this is not a paid advertisement, it is my opinion only.

Roosevelt by Nicole Miller





Marblehead by Sperry



Bluff Point by Sperry
Marblehead by Sperry



Spencer by Nicole Miller



Spencer by Nicole Miller

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