My favorite holiday: Naadam

Besides having a big celebration for New Year’s Eve, another holiday we go all out for is a traditional Mongolian festival by the name of Naadam. It is celebrated through out the nation between July 11th and 13th. The main festival takes place in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city and consists of three main events, wrestling, horse racing and archery. All hailed as the three manly sports, which is no surprise since Naadam has an origin that dates back to Chingis Khaan era. Warlords and kings were accustomed to training their warriors while competing in those three sports.
At the festival, Mongolians dress in traditional clothing, handmade to perfection. On this special day, I had the pleasure of wearing my friend’s jacket, made by her grandmother in Mongolia

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  1. Anna says:

    D&D deel and jeans. 2 unquenchable traditions. You wore it so well!


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