2017 Summer Trend: Straw Accessories


This season is all about the straw bag and hat. From the beloved Cult Gaia bamboo ark bag to this lower end straw bag from Forever 21. This is the hottest trend this spring and summer. You can find straw accessories on nearly every store shelf. You can get this trendy bag at any price point and it will add that casual chic vibe to any outfit.
As far as the hat goes, it is a must-have in any season, not just summer. As long as the sun is out, you need to protect your skin by wearing SPF 30 or higher along with having an appropriate hat. Doing so will prevent developing pre-mature wrinkles and damaging your skin. I’m absolutely loving this straw hat by Brixton, it has been my go to accessory here in Cali since it complements every outfit.


I want to shine a light on a style expression that has no borders and I hope it makes your day brighter.

// Outfit Details //

Dress – Tobi
Bag – F21
Hat – Brixton
Shoes – Loft



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