Paul Smith: Pink Wall


Another Instagram phenomenon, the famous pink wall. This is without a doubt a must-visit for every fashion blogger. Virtually any outfit will look good in contrast to this vibrant pink wall.
This photoshoot is definitely one of my favorites thus far. I had so much fun doing it and I absolutely adore this dress. It is versatile and it looks appropriate for any occasion. You can dress it up or dress it down while emphasizing accessories. The dress came without a belt, which makes the dress look loose and more casual. The belt adds definition and makes it appear more as a cocktail dress.


I want to shine a light on a style expression that has no borders and I hope it makes your day brighter.

// Outfit Details //

Dress – Collective Clothing
Belt – Vintage
Shoes – Mari A.
Bag – Vintage
Sunglasses – Zara
Earrings – Target
Ring – World Market
Bracelet – Versona
Watch – Cluse


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