Crystal Pier


One of the things that attracts me the most about San Diego is the weather. I don’t like cold weather and I can’t stand really hot weather either. Summers in Texas are especially brutal. I don’t mind having hot temperatures during the day as long as the nights are cool. Nothing cools down after the sun goes down and the air at night is just as hot and dry as in the daytime. However after dusk, in Cali, I always have a sweater handy.
Visiting parts of Europe, Asia, and several states in the US, I have come to realize that the beach is where I belong. I like how active the people are here. Obviously, the weather allows you to do all kinds of outdoor activities and because of that most people here are in shape. That naturally makes you want to do the same and the next thing you know, you get up and run at the beach shore. It is even better If you live close to the beach, you can walk to places and will not need to rely on transportation as much.
When I am here, I love to wake up early, walk to the cafe down the street, have a nice breakfast and plan out my day. In the afternoon, I mostly pass my time at the beach by the pier. I would love to move here someday and enjoy these things everyday.


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