Reminds me of …

IMG_8036California offers a variety of landscapes which differ from one region to another. You can lay out on the beach on a lazy day and enjoy the ocean breeze, go hiking on a rocky mountain if you feel outdoorsy, or take a long drive through the valley when you feel adventurous. Where I come from, this is exactly the type of nature you experience. The kind where you take in a deep breath of crisp fresh air and lose yourself in the beautiful wilderness.
This place reminds me of Terelj, a Mongolian national park located a few miles from the city. A place where I used to go camping, the right destination for those who want to get out of busy city life for a day.
I did have my very own adventure climbing these rocky hills. Upon completing my photo shoot, I began to see rashes that, after few days, spread throughout my entire lower body. Turns out it was poison ivy that touched my skin, and I’m severely allergic to it. Although I’m still struggling with the pain, I was glad to see the beautiful nature. It reminded me of home and the whole experience was well worth it.

IMG_8035Processed with VSCO with 4 presetIMG_8032

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