As I watch her grow


Today marks a very special day. My beloved goddaughter, Skyler is turning 2 years old. For 2 years now she has been making many people happy with her adorableness. I couldn’t have been more proud to have such a sweet, fun loving little girl as a goddaughter.
My best friend, Angarag and I met 10 years ago and our friendship has been going strong as the time passed. I’m so grateful to have a friend who I can call my soulmate and hold the honor to be the godmother to her little one. I recall the moment when I first met my friend, I knew instantly she was going to stay in my life forever. She is one of those people who I could talk to for hours, yet still be able to enjoy the silence in comfort. She has shown me that there are some people you meet in life with whom you form a bond that can be deeper than the ones with your blood related family. I truly cherish our friendship and the impact both she and Skyler have on me.
I’m thankful for my friend who brought us to Dr. Seuss tree. If you are not familiar with him, Dr. Seuss is a famous author who wrote children’s books. Among his many reads, The Cat in the Hat was my personal favorite when I was a kid. Visiting this landmark and spending the lovely evening with my goddaughter was exhilarating. I know that Skyler will grow up to be a clever and an amazing person just like her mother.
Happy 2nd birthday Skylie! I look forward to many more years of joy as I watch you grow.


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