Beach Essential: Round Towel


The first time I saw this round beach towel on Instagram, I immediately fell in love and set out on a search to find one. The original towel is by Beach People and you can find them in any major department store. I got mine on Etsy, one of my favorite places to shop. I turn to Etsy for all handmade goods, unique/vintage items and custom jewelry.  I also think it’s a great way to support artists and small entrepreneurs.
When I was in college, I used to make bracelets during my free time. I never made so many that I can start selling them, but I understand how much time and effort needed to make those things. I have a great deal of appreciation for many shops on Etsy.
This beautiful towel is made by CrystalBeachCo and one of the best parts about your purchase is that 10% will be donated to a charity of your choice. The owner of this shop was generous enough to include a free necklace, which I absolutely adore. I’ve been wearing it everyday and will be uploading pictures with it soon, so keep an eye out for my upcoming posts.


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