Interview for


Words can’t describe how happy and honored I am to be the first guest interviewed by the prestigious, featured in the Timezone column. It has only been a few months since I had launched my blog but it already has reached many viewers and received support and positive feedback from people all around the world.
I would like to thank Yesunerdene, a reporter for for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to their viewers.
It has been a truly motivational experience which continues to inspire me to keep doing what I love and believing that hard work pays off. Not to mention, the energy charge it gave me to do much more. This is just the beginning and I have so much to share.
I would like to thank each and every person who follows me, likes and shares my pictures and comments. I truly appreciate it!
Click on the link below to view the full interview: Timezone bulangiin anhnii zochinoor oroltssondoo ih bayartai bna.
Blog maani ashiglaltand orood 6 sar bolson bna. Enehvv bogino hugatsaand mash amjilttaigaar olon hvnd hvrch, delhiin untsug bvrees uramiin vg hvrten avch amjlaa. setgvvlch, Yesunerdene nadtai holbogdoj, Mongoliinhoo unshigchdad minii blog-iig taniltsuulah zavshaan ugch, yariltslaga uguh sanal tavisand talarhalaa ilerhiilmeer bna.
Ene bol zuvhun ehlel, ireedvid ulam ihiig hiij bvteeh uram zorigiig avahiin hajuugaar vneheer hvssen zviliinhee tuluu sharguu hicheen zvtgevel zaaval yamar negen amjiltand hvrdegiig mederch avlaa.
Namaig dagaj, minii zuragiig like/share hiij, comment bichdeg ta bvhendee mash ih bayarlalaa.
Bvten yariltslagiig doorhi link-eer orj vzne vv:

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