Flower Power


I cannot begin to describe this outfit without first mentioning my mother. She is my idol, my fashion icon as well as my source of inspiration. When I think of her, I recall a quote by CoCo Chanel “Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever”
This dress was worn by my mother in the 90’s. I am glad we have the same taste and body shape so I’m able to proudly wear her clothes. I visited Mongolia two years ago and my mother was generous enough to hand down some of her gems, including this classic dress. I will be showing more of her vintage clothing in my future posts.
When I was in high school, I used to borrow this very same dress from her. You can tell that even as a teenager, I had an eye for a classic style. The flower, which is actually a hair clip, gave this outfit a new look by adding a fun, flirty vibe. These cute flowers serve as a colorful accessory when you want to put a bright spin on your outfit.


I want to shine a light on a style expression that has no borders and I hope it makes your day brighter.

// Outfit Details //

Coat – Casual Corner
Dress – Vintage
Stocking – H&M
Gloves – Vintage
Heels – Nine West
Handbag – Kate Spade
Earrings – Vintage
Necklace – Etsy

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